The Secret Life Of Cheap Jerseys From China
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The Secret Life Of Cheap Jerseys From China

James – Caber Training Camp Observation: How far is the Chinese from the NFL professional level?The 51st super bowl has just been in the past 1 month, and thousands of people in Weibo participated in this global top sports feast. If you have seen that game, you can’t forget the New England Patriots from the September 4th. With the end of the super bowl, Wholesale nfl Jerseys entered a long sniper period until the September was unveiled in the season, and he returned to people in the field of vision.

However, compared with Baldwin, the story of Bolfott is not so happy. This controversial Tiger Line must be seen in the game’s host to Buffalo Bill, may be seen in both hands on the viewers on the stand.

Dak Prescott, Dak Prescott, no doubt, the first season, but after cutting Romo, the cowboy will try to deepen the depth, although the renewal of Karen-Moore (Kellen Moore) It is also possible, but this 27-year-old player only has two games.

Subsequently, the offensive groups of both sides have some problems. First, Ximeian runs out of the right side of the pockets, and the ball is safely ie. It is the chief to control the ball by the wild horse.

This activity is organized by the foreigner, ISAAC Bruce. His founded fund currently aims to bring better education and health habits for children in St. Louis, and Bruce hopes that this teammates can Let’s thank the fans for their support in 21 years.

“Our fucking is in the red area, do you want me to pass?” Baldwin smiled and talked about this attack after the game. “Passing the ball to me.” Finally, Bolden completed the pass to the ball, but finally because the Hawks scored and win, Baldwen behavior did not cause an uproar.

The second half is the first to attack. The chief came from the four-stage attack all the uncrafts, but I abandoned the miracle, and the wild horse was backcrottled. McKentz slammed, the cholerough was a perfect starting position. However, Alex Smith still has not broken the zero conversion rate of the red zone, and four offensive is not worth choosing to choose a shot. Fortunately, play the ball Badke, the shot, the chief 20-3 leads.

[Review of the event] Both sides mistaken even the Chief 29-19 wins horsesBeijing time October 31 8:30, the Denver wild horse, the Denver wild horse, on the Kansas City chief of the two games. The two teams look forward to a trend of victory and stop fell.

Ram returned to St. Louis to complete the last gameSix months ago, the ram left St. Louis relocated to Los Angeles, the 40-digit players who were recently returned to St. Louis completed a waistball competition.

There is no good way to restart offense, but they are better than that the score is favorable, as long as they can stabilize the door score, it is acceptable to the chief. 23-13, the score of the chief of the chief has almost forced the wild horse to the road.

James Caber China has brought a new experience to the domestic American football culture. No matter how influential, no matter how influentials came, it can only sit in the domestic fans. Today, Caber will take the most core part of this sport & mdash; & mdash; competition & mdash; & mdash; fans are no longer sitting in front of the screen, seeing how NFL players play, but follow him to learn, progress, The full heart experience NFL has fun. The Caber Training Camp is a very good attempt. Maybe in the near future, there will be more NFL players to China to speed up the development of domestic football.

In the second section, Denver wild horse offensive slightly found it, and once shot into close points to 3-14. However, the chieftain offensive group is not flustered to the shooting area. Does not reach? It doesn’t matter, the shot is fine. Place the ball Badke steadyly shoot, the chieftain 17-3 lead!

The 2017 season Gates will be 37 years old. If he chooses the return, the team must at least guarantee his a certain victory, but from this season, you will not look like a united team, and the team is overall, the new show close – Henter Henry will become a new choice for the team.

Then, one round of attack, the wild horse shot is also color, but such score efficiency is completely insufficient to support wild horses, they must find the way. The wild horse decided by the air offensive chooses to force the pavement, although the time consumption is more, but it has received up to the array. Run Devon Thai-Bark Middle Road 6 code Ball Detack, the perfect end of this round of effective pavement attack. 13-20, the wild horses will be smashed into a round of attacks.

The nightmare of the wild horse did not end. The four-point Deliver-West Mi’an was first passed by Pites, and the latter was back to the wild horses. Fortunately, the defensive group shows excellent, and Safety Squatt finally completes the copy. The first competition, the chief has been leading two times.

Lightning Near Tight Antonio – Gates Considering the 2017 seasonThe season is about to end, the close-up of San Diego lightning Antonio Gates naturally became one of people discussing whether the retired players. But this lightning is not ready to end your career.


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