It is the Side Of Extreme Cheap Nfl Jerseys Rarely Seen, However That's Why Is needed
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It is the Side Of Extreme Cheap Nfl Jerseys Rarely Seen, However That’s Why Is needed

The problem of the Hawks comes from their offensive group, and they have fallen from the fourth offensive ability of the 2015 season to the 18th place in the last season. The most important issue is the health problems of the team’s quasl Wilson, although he did not absence any game but the whole season conserved knee and ankle injury.

Beijing guy Li Bojo shocked NFL, Chinese players direct access to the highest alliance may not be farBeijing guys Li Bojo shocked Wholesale nfl jerseys, and Chinese players direct access to the highest alliance may not be far away.

Hawks’ defensive second-line players have currently led alliances, Richard Sherman and Strong Kam Cham-Qisler (Cam Chancellor) and Toywei Harmas II (Earl Thomas III) Both signed a long and team in the first two seasons, in addition, Russell Wilson, and the midline Wei Boba, Bobby Wagner, is the future of the sea eagle. The attack and defense core, which also makes the Habit Management There is no sufficient salary space for renewing Maxville, once Maxville, last year’s five-round Shi Rod-Simon will might replace him to become a sea eagle New main angle guard.

Hawks to win the key: three-speed conversion success rateSeattle Seahawks once again demonstrated the defending champion of the ruling class strength level, they are completely suppressed the visiting Carolina Panthers in the National League semi-final. It is not difficult to see the data by data, the key to the harvest of the Hawks is the success rate of their three-speed conversion. The game, the Hawowk selected 8 times in the face of 3 files, four points to Wilsell Wilson (Russell Wilson) did not lose, he won the 199 yards 8 in 8 pass, and he harvested 7 first work. 3 reached.

Schneider said: “Maxville is very good this year, I think he will seek a big contract as much as possible, I understand this. However, at least we have the opportunity to keep him.” The team’s current defensive coordinator Dan – Kuin Quin has been determined to transfer Atlantian Femplay after the end of the super bowl, and he may take the truth from the door to the team to leave Maxville, which is a small challenge for Schneider.

Recently, the team’s head coach Pitt-Carol (Pete Carroll) said: “He is now very good, the footsteps are also very good, there is a lot more than last season, we have never seen him last season. So walking, although he can move last 5, 6 games last season, it is not like this, we are still paying attention to him, we are very big for him next season. “

Haiying off first task: retain MaxvilleThe Seattle Hawow is about to usher in the last battle of this season. With the approach of the break, the team management also begins to prepare the personnel operation. John Schneider, General Manager of Haiying, clearly indicating that the team’s number one task in February is to renew the Byron Maxwell to Maxwell.

Carol sharing lassier Wilson injury recoveryThe Seattle Hawk has a little disappointment in the performance of the season, they have completed 10 wins and 5 losses of 1 flat record, and the playoffs were eliminated in the division of the session for two consecutive years. Although the defensive group is still the top level of the league but this is not a problem. key.

Data can also prove that Wilson is affected by injuries. He just tried 72 rushes last season, but he was known as mobile capabilities in the first few seasons. He completed 849 yards and 6 in the 2014 season. Reach.

The terrible thing is that Watt may be better in this season. The defensive end has been trained in a log cabin this year, and the number of eggs under the a day may be more than some small chicken farms. (Reporter reported 10 eggs for Watt on a breakfast)

Some media believe that the four teams still stayed in the league have four quarters of the four quarters of the league. Wilson needs to continue to work to prove that he is worthy of this title. This week’s opponent will be Green Bay packaging workers, Wilson and Hawks expect to enter the super bowl again.

In China, there are also many pioneers and predecessors to work hard to enter the highest hall of professional football. Xu Xin once landed in the NFL European Union in 2006 and became the “All-Star Player” and “Best Defensive Players” of the British University Rugby League. Li Chauling as a player, has appeared in the NFL European League, and Dinglong also received an invitation of NFL Jacksonville American Tiger Team.

GuoRabaixian partition packaging worker VS red scitch prospects (historical record) This season, Arizona, Red Tit, 13 wins, 3, and the first, Green Bay packaging workers, 10 wins and 6 losses, the second, and the history of the two teams, 3 wins and 3 losses since 2001.

3 years agoI believe that there is an encouragement of the rugby pioneers, there is a more step in the new generation of essential players like Li Bojo, there will be more and more rugby dreams. I hope that in the near future, we can see Li Boqiao joined, killing the figure, and you can see the five-star red flag on the stage.


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