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Cheap Nfl Jerseys Features

Packaging worker rises running guards and close-end coachesGreen Bay packaging work quickly made two coaching staff adjusted after losing the season. The team announced on Tuesday in local time, Sam Gash, Sam Gash, and near-Term Edge Coach Jerry – Jerry Fontenot.

The ground of the package is struggling due to the sluggish ground attack of Eddie Lacy. The team switched to James Starks in the middle season. In terms of near-end front, Richard Rodgers has completed some wonderful balls, but overall performances are still unable to satisfy the team. He bought 58 times this season and promoted 510 yards.

Seahawks @ Redskins: Three years ago, the wild card battle, the same Seahawks away to the Redskins, Seahawks defensive group is about to kill Robert – Griffin III, Cheap jerseys From china the two sides embarked on a different path. This time meet again, the gap between the two sides is the overall strength of the Redskins home game can not smooth out. Seahawks win.

New York Giants will trial old will safely sell Sante-WhitnaThe New York Giants are in shortage in the safeguards. After training, they have to fill this position in training, they are trying to pick an old will.

Giiio is active in the Detroit Lion, the 2014 season joins the package. Fang Tord has served as the main coach and running guard coaches in the 2011 season, and the 2012 season retroceered the neighborhood coach. Coish said: “I respect the package worker, I apologize for my work. You will learn something in a variety of situations, this is all. I think the team is very great.”

Country United:

1, Panthers

Even victory of the season, the Panthers also difficult to say perfect, especially the passing attack. But anti so far, they are characterized by pavement offensive + defensive dominance, the Panthers played the entire season is precisely the most suitable mode of the game of the playoffs.

2, Cardinals

Cardinals perhaps the league’s competition status, staffing, injuries and other factors affecting the smallest team, when it comes to injuries this season, “Best Defensive Player” strong candidate Dilan – Matthew torn anterior cruciate ligament whole season reimbursement, which weakened the Cardinals defensive strength.

3, Packers

Packers like a mid-term stock shocks experienced when coach Mike – McCarthy back after the attack spot command of the game, the Packers returned to the state of the game and the content in the previous quarter, or the same formula, the same taste.

4, Redskins

Fierce denim quarter, the Eagles offseason fill fierce, mythical giant Olympic year, who would have thought the Redskins can breakout success? In fact, they make up the offseason defense group, and choose to Cork – Cousins ​​important decision as the starting quarterback is made half a year ago.

5, Seahawks

What is the difference with former Seahawks? Injuries going to destroy the offensive group of superstars, but this is a team of Russell – Wilson at the core of the team, in addition, you almost do not see too many setbacks defense group.

6, Vikings

The league’s most successful Young Guard, if they can use the salary to retain the core of the gang, three years later they would be terrible, but now, they can not beat teams, this is a big problem playoffs.

@ Patriot Chiefs: Chiefs good guard, the Patriots offense and defense is superb, unless the Chiefs play point Henzhao deal – Tom Brady, then the chiefs difficult to limit the Patriots in the key battle. On Monday night game that season showdown, the chief woke up with a crazy battering patriot, patriot today it is likely to retaliate a victory. American League Championship: Patriots

ESPN reporter reported on Tuesday, USA, and the giant coach hopes that the team’s defensive endorson-Pierve Pierre-Paul returned to the team’s game outside the card, which is January 7 The weekend of -8 days.

Three 9-5 teams chiefs, analysis Steelers and the Jets: the best record in the American League civil war chiefs last two weeks look easy, victory is possible helicopter Midland third seed, or just outside the top card; Midland winning the second civil war in the last two rounds of the Steelers and Ravens to the road to face Brown, which is made only 7 wins and two add up to the team, but rivals crow, but any time of d up to fight opponents, the only the good news, they had just defeated the Broncos, in comparison with the same winning percentage relationship between the outcome, it is possible to help the Steelers get position advantage. The most sad reminder of the Jets, the end of two weeks has not been determined to be the first home game against the Patriots, as well as away to Rex – Ryan coached Bill, together under the same conditions than the weak record in the league, the Jets squeeze into the postseason the race appears to have little hope.

Steelers @ Bengals: Steelers playoff experience Needless to say, their all-out offensive seems overwhelmed the Tigers. Dalton’s injury may allow the Tigers to suffer great difficulty and danger the whole game the Tigers. Dalton games in which injury to the fingers? Home game against the Steelers! Steelers win.

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